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Communications and Reputation Strategist, Executive Coach and Motivation Speaker


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The core

Professional and personal relations require constant attention to grow. Regular communication is the best way to develop them.

Volodymyr Dehtyarov
СEO at Newsfront PR Agency,
Executive Coach

My story

I am a public relations professional, business coach and enthusiastic amateur athlete seeking depth in life.

I manage a Kyiv-based reputations consultancy (Newsfront PR, top-5 Ukrainian agency). As a coach, I help top executives and business owners achieve larger goals, conduct strategic sessions, organize and speak at trainings and developments events and teach a Personal Brand online course.

I love cyclic sports and travel: I run, swim, bike and freedive. I finished 9 marathons, including 110-k trail running events, completed 5 Ironman 70.3 and one IronSolo distances, swam across the Bosporus 3 times.

Some facts about…

my education: Lviv National University (Lviv, Ukraine), Hartwick college (NY, USA), Swedish Institute Management Program (Stockholm), Chartered Institute of Public Relations (Kyiv, Ukraine), Integral Coaching School (Kyiv), ToP Facilitation Course (Kyiv), Agile Management program by Coaching Institute (Kyiv).
my awards: «best agency-side PR professional» (2012 rating by the Ukrainian Association of Public Relations), «top 35 under 35» (2012 marketing professionals rating by Marketing Media Review)
my athletic achievements: Finalist of international Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments. Completed 12 marathons, including 5 ultrarunning events, finisher of 5 Ironman 70.3 and one IronSolo distances, swam across the Bosporus 3 times. Bronze All-World Ironman Athlete 2014, Silver All-World Ironman Athlete 2015. Level 3 Apnea Academy freediver (personal best 46 m depth dive).

My services

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I help owners of small and medium business launch new projects. I work with top and mid-level executives in large companies to get them to the next level in the organization and increase income. I help freelancers develop their projects: hire staff, free up time and increase revenues.

My clients are professionals who lack time, resources and self-assuredness to launch a new business, who got stuck in their organizations and who lost interest to what they are doing, when there is noone to delegate your current projects and duties.

I am a certified coach (Integral Coaching School, 2014-2015) and currently a director and partner at several businesses.

Business trainings

I started teaching comunications in 2007 at the MBA program of Lviv Management Institute, since 2010 was lecturing at BeFirst Marketing School, since 2012 – at White Sales School, since 2015 I have been teaching at LABA educational platform and at the School of Marketing at Kyiv Mohyla Business School.

In 2014-206 I conducted over 60 trainings and workshops for top management and employees of ATF Bank (Kazakhstan), Ericsson Ukraine, KasperskyLab, Platinum Bank, Metro Ukraine, Bayer, MaryKay, Syngenta, Malaysian Embassy, Nova Poshta, Whirlpool, Ukrainian State Service of Emergency Sutuations and others.

I train my students on how to plan time and resources, give media interviews and talk in public, create personal plans and business PR strategies, develop creativity, manage a team and communicate via social media.

Strategic Sessions

Strategic sessions are a way to develop a company strategy or come to an important decision, create shared vision on the situation in the company or a team.

I am a certified facilitator (Theory of Participation facilitation method). I have run strategic sessions for companies in industries ranging from advertising and retail to construction and agriculture.

Talks and Speeches

I often share my experience of business development and running teams, time management, building a personal brand, combining sports and business activities. I do this as a motivation speaker at corporate events and as a lecturer at in-house universities. I helped present new Microsoft products, motivate MaryKay partners and executive search professionals, and often come to universities to talk to students.


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15/01/2016 - 15/01/2017


Proud to be recommended

I attended Vladimir’s course on personal branding and then I had a coaching session with him. What I appreciate the most is that he asks the right questions and facilitates the process of growth. He knows there isn’t one specific right answer, but a pool of options.
Vladimir provided me with instruments to go and do what I needed to do at that specific time. At the same time, he showed the perspective of what could be done in future, from a strategic point of view.
I am inspired by the way he applies his diverse interests and a deep understanding of communications in his everyday activities, coaching practice and work as a CEO of PR Agency.

Nata Kostenko
Presentation Designer

My team and I had the pleasure of inviting Volodymyr as a guest speaker to our one-day training on personal branding. Full of bright insights and explicit examples, the session went great and motivated the team on trying out the tools he recommended. Volodymyr himself is an excellent speaker with a successful personal brand. Would totally work with Volodymyr again and recommend him as a speaker, trainer and business coach.

Alexey Dolgikh
Managing Partner at Boyden Global Executive Search

It’s harder to be PR expert than marketer: or you’re under NDAs, or you just cannot tell the story in order not to destroy magic created by you… How to avoid the impostor syndrome? There are only two ways: to complete a course from the Professional (with a capital letter) or to communicate with a mentor, whose experience and values you trust.
I was fortunate enough to take Vladimir’s course dedicated to personal brand and to communicate with him personally within the framework of the course in 2017. It turned out that this is a “magic pill” for the syndrome, “magic push to action” and inspiration. I advise this to those who do not understand at all how to start and those who think that there is nothing new in this sphere.

Anna Kuznetsova

PR manager, Lenovo Ukraine


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